January 14, 2018

Safe January Favorites!

Happy Pongal to my readers!! I am sharing some of my January favorites. And these are some of the things I love to use and would love to use in my life (mainly because some of them would make my life a little bit easier)! So if youre interested - keep reading!

  • Make Up bag with stripes - fyndiq.se
  • Wrist watch (syncs with Android)! - fyndiq.se
  • Pillow with flowers - (sold out!), but I'll try to link a similar one if I find any!
  • Jewelry (all 3 of them) - cocoo.se
  • French Manicure - kicks.se
  • Ipad case for Ipad mini 4 (including spaces that could hold your cards!) - teknikdelar.se

These are all safe to buy - all of these products are below 200(kr)! And only helps in one way or the other!

The beautiful boho necklaces and earrings are all in silver. What I like about these accessories are that they're *not* made of metals which can give you allergies!

The wrist watch can be synced with android smartphones and it can take calls, remind you to work out, and so on! I thought I would find something for Android phones especially since I've never had an Iphone since the day the first one came out. Honestly, and that's the best choice I have ever made because their glass breaks easily when you drop the phone, which is *not* the case for Samsung Galaxy! So having used my Samsung Galaxy for at 5 years the next best thing that would make life easier would be the wrist watch made for Android smartphones. A reminder to work out means everything since it's so important for me. And what better way than a watch that can take away your distraction (your phone!). 

Personally, I haven't bought the Ipad case, and I probably wouldnt buy it, although it's the closest to what I'm looking for in my Ipad case. It has multipurposes! I love that in any product, and that's what I like about this one. It saves time and it's more efficient in a way.

December 28, 2017

Post Birthday And Xmas!

This is 28. Although this picture is from last year haha. Had a total break from everybody except the four, my family. Nothing felt better than having them around. Not even blogging to be honest, but I have been missing you guys! I'm always thankful for my readers! 

This year wasn't much of a celebration since my dad is kind of seriously ill and all. We were just spending the time together all of us. It couldn't have been better than UNO-games (including other card games) plus watching incredibly cozy movies and eating chocolate birthday cake! The simplicity is just to let it be. Love what you have in your life. 

Wishing my readers a wonderful continuation when you step into the New Year! Next year, *hopefully* (a girl can dream) you'll come back more gentle and more loving compared to the year that we're leaving behind!

December 9, 2017

Second Weekend of December

Hi all! Happy 2nd Advent in advance!

Just making a quick update on what's been going on in my life. Been sick and tired for the last part of Nov to the beginning of Dec! Everything worked out in the end. I feel better, and I thank 'mes amis' (my friends in French ;-)) for all the well wishes.

And as always, I am so grateful for having you there, thank you so much for reading!

November 11, 2017

A November Outlook

November coziness!?! It's almost that time of the year again. And I'm happy to just the thought of how close we are to the end of the year!

Are you guys looking forward as well? To be honest I look more forward that I get to drink hot chocolate. What are your favorite warm beverages? I love plain hot chocolate with a bit of cinnamon. I may actually start earlier this year. Who doesn't love chocolate? Recent research has also shown that dark chocolate and wine (personally I try to stay away from liquor) prevents signs of aging! *applauding*

Leave a comment below to share what you are looking forward to in December!

October 26, 2017

Live Simply - Screensaver!

Hey everybody!! And, happy Thursday! Had a little bit time to work on this. And you can save this image and use it as your own screensaver. I thought about everything that's especially important to feel inspired to keep going. We all know that life can be difficult in many different ways. So feel free to use it to keep yourself thinking positive! I know I am!

Continue to have a wonderful week!!

October 20, 2017

Sleep & Contact Lenses

Happy friday to all my readers!! I have a bit of time in my hands and thought I would share why sleeping with your contact lenses can cause problems. First off - there are contact lenses you can sleep with and then there are other contact lenses which are *not* recommended to use during the time you sleep. Keep reading to learn a bit more about falling asleep with your contact lenses!

It's always recommended by optometrists or any other eye care provider to remove your contact lenses before you fall asleep. Contact lenses limit oxygen supply and creates a barrier between the oxygen and the cornea. Therefore, the barrier blocks the oxygen supply to the eye. Some lenses - the extended wear (a certain type of contact lens) - allow the oxygen through, but if not enough oxygen gets through, you can experience something that is called hypoxia (oxygen deprivation in a region of the body). You also increase your chances of developing an infection, because bacteria can get into the cornea and when your eyes are closed, there's nothing that helps your eyes to flush the bacteria away.

All of the above reasons is why it can be so much easier and more effective to use a regular pair of glasses. 

October 4, 2017

Finally Wednesday!

Happy wednesday! Hope you're having a wonderful day! Cannot believe it's already October. The cozy clouds and pouring rain - this weather is just starting. As of... today! Now it's starting to get darker by 7pm again. Went home from choir in pouring cold rain, in the dark. Yup - this is life right now. This and feeling terrible pain in the mornings. I love to give away love to you all! So I also hope you take something with you each time you have read. This time I want to share a quote that fits perfectly into my life right now and life in general (for anybody else too!): 

"Es justamente la posibilidad de realizar un sueƱo es lo que hace que la vida sea interesante." — Paulo Coelho

The quote translated means: it's precisely the possibility to make a dream come true that makes life interesting. 

I believe it's SO true. I might live in pain daily. And I might feel so tired and sick of trying CONSTANTLY trying to control my pain. But then there's this wonderful thing in my life. And it's on my side too. Showing me how good I am at it. Showing me that I can become better. Showing me I have improved. Showing me that I can love hard even after all the pain. This, my friends, is part of my dream. 

Finally wednesday!